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Whitehall is beautiful in the fall as shown by this photo from Mary-Anne Guild.

In October 2019 FOW sponsored a live owl presentation given by Kathleen Regan, Teacher Naturalist with Mass Audubon. There were three different species of owls native to MA presented to the audience, who loved seeing these beautiful birds up close.

Although the fall 2019 clean-up was cancelled due to risk of EEE, a member of the Board of Directors along with a fellow FOW member pulled these 2 tires out of the North Cove with the help of kayak, rope, and a low water level.

Due to heavy rains,  FOW added some stepping stones to the end of one of the trail bridges on the Spring St. side of the lake to make the bridge safer to use. Below are photos of the work.

Whitehall lake can be beautiful in the winter. Below is a photo taken after a winter storm that displays this beauty.

Below are photos from our annual meeting on April 3, 2018. A local Eagle scout discussed the brochure he created about safeguarding Whitehall from pollutants. Our guest speaker, Joy Marzolf, Teacher Naturalist at Mass Audubon, gave a presentation about vernal pools.

There really are black bears in the Whitehall State park area and here is a photo, taken by a local resident’s game camera, showing one of them at night.

Below are two photos from the Hopkinton Polyarts event in September 2017. FOW staffs a display there every year. In the first photo, left to right are: Ken Loderick (Director), Steve Warren (President),Margaret Mightons (Clerk), Jeff Furber (Director), Peter Regan (Director), Jim Weckback (Treasurer).

In June 2017 Kathleen Regan, Mass Audubon Teacher Naturalist and Hopkinton resident,  gave a lakeside  nature talk on beaver history, biology, behavior and habitats followed by an evening canoe/kayak on Lake Whitehall to explore and observe beaver habitats and animal behavior on the lake, and to observe the dispersal behaviors of 2 year old beavers. Below are some photos from this event. 

Below are some photos from our annual meeting in April 2017. We had a guest speaker, Joy Marzolf, Teacher Naturalist at Mass Audubon, who gave a well received presentation called “Getting the Most from your Wildlife Photography”.

Below are some photos of the repaving of the Whitehall parking lot in May 2017!

Below are two photos from our annual meeting, held on April 5, 2016. The special guest speaker that evening was Kathleen Regan, Teacher Naturalist at Mass Audubon. Her presentation was about the beaver’s role in ecosystem management and their local and national history. She is holding a taxidermy beaver that she brought with her.

Below are three photos of Great Blue herons seen at Whitehall. These birds are the largest wading bird in North America and are just one example of the wonderful wildlife that can be found at Whitehall. They prowl the shallows. often standing still for a half hour or more, with its eyes fixed on its prey. The photo on the right shows a heron that just caught a fish.

Bald eagles can sometimes be spotted at Whitehall. Below is a photo of one of those sightings.

Below are photos of the spring lake cleanup, held on April 23, 2016. FOW conducts a spring and fall lake cleanup of the trails around Whitehall each year.

Below are photos of the latest trail bridges that were constructed in November 2015 on the Winter Street side of the lake near Sylvan Way. All materials were provided / paid for by FOW. A special thanks to the employees from EMC who generously volunteered their time as part of the “EMC Gives Back” program.

Bridge_02Trail bridges near Winter St. and Sylvan WayBridge_04Bridge_03Bridge_01

Below is a photo of the award ceremony where Friends of Whitehall received the 2015 Shared Stewardship award from the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for “extraordinary contribution to furthering stewardship of the state parks system.” In the photo from left to right: Nick Grove, DCR; Samantha Overton, MassParks Deputy Director; Margaret Mightons, FOW; Steve Warren, FOW; Ken Johnson, FOW; Rich Turbiano, Park Ranger; Priscilla Geigis, MassParks Director; Jack Murray, DCR Commisioner

Below are photos of the spring trails cleanup, held on April 25, 2015. It was a beautiful spring day and the volunteer turnout was very good.
cleanup4 cleanup2

Below is a photo from our annual meeting, held on April 7. 2015. Sitting in the front right corner, in front of a laptop is Tom Flannery, aquatic ecologist with the lakes and ponds division of DCR, who spoke to the group about the proposed weed abatement program for Whitehall..
Annual meeting

Below are photos from the November 12, 2014 trail bridge building project on the Winter Street trails.
Bridge 02Bridge 03Bridge 04Bridge 05 Bridge 06 Bridge 07 Whitehall-trail-bridge

Carolyn Dykema, State Representative, 8th Middlesex District, stopped by the fall lake cleanup on October 18, 2014 to show her support. Here is a photo of her with FOW board members Jeff Furber and Ken Johnson.

Below are photos from our fall lake cleanup on October 18, 2014.
Fall-Cleanup-05 Fall-Cleanup-04Fall-Cleanup-03Fall-Cleanup-02Fall-Cleanup-01

Below are photos of board members Jim Weckback and Jeff Furber repairing the sign at the Whitehall Conservation area