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2020 Fall Clean-up of Whitehall Trails and Lake

Due to the COVID Pandemic, the Friends of Whitehall Board of Directors has decided not to hold an organized fall clean-up as has been done in years past.  Your help, however, is requested.

Since the onset of COVID-19, trail usage has been up 10-fold during the spring shutdown and still remains 2 to 3 times higher today. The trails have looked good for the most part, but a couple of frequented recreational spots required clean-up by board members and FOW volunteers. Although the trails look good, a significant amount of trash can still be found along the sides of the trails and along the lakeshore. When the leaves fall off the shrubs and young trees, it becomes easy to see this trash and for that reason, makes fall an excellent time to clean up the trails and lakeshore.  Please keep enjoying the lake and trails but as you hike the trails this fall please bring a trash bag with you and survey the sides of the trails and the small paths leading to the lake. Please be safe and apply bug spray for ticks and mosquitos and wear gloves. You may want to purchase a grabber such as this one at Milford Lowes Ettore-36-in-Grip-n-Grab-Reaching-Tool to assist you. The grabber is especially helpful in briar patches and along the shore. We would love to hear how you make out with this on our Facebook page.

Kayakers and canoers, we are making a special plea for all of you to help in this fall’s lake cleanup. The lake is the lowest it’s been in years and gives us an excellent opportunity to retrieve trash along the shore from kayaks and canoes. A grabber as described above is highly recommended for this effort. We still have some decent autumn weather to take advantage of. Please contact our board member, Rachel at if you would like suggestions on specific areas where to patrol.

Stay well and thank you for your help in keeping our beautiful Whitehall lake and trails pristine

Peter Regan President,
Friends of Whitehall

Water test results from May 2019 sampling
Water run-off samples were taken from four locations around the lake. NO high phosphorous levels were found in any of these locations. Last year one of the locations did have a high phosphorus reading.

Commercial dog walkers now must have a permit to use DCR parks 
Starting in 2019 all commercial dog walkers using any DCR park for their businesses MUST have an annual permit. Please click here to see more information regarding these permits and other requirements that commercial dog walkers must abide by when using Whitehall and other DCR parks.

2020 Annual Appeal Letter from our president
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