About Us

Our Mission

To preserve, protect, conserve, and enhance the natural resources including water resources, marshland, swamps, woodlands, open spaces, wildlife habitat and items of historical significance within the Lake Whitehall watershed including Whitehall State Park.

To educate the public in areas of conservation, ecology, forestry practices, wildlife preservation, local history, and land use planning in order to protect the natural beauty of Whitehall watershed and its environs.

To encourage appropriate land use within the Whitehall watershed in cooperation with the Town of Hopkinton, agencies of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other individuals and organizations having similar purposes.

To assist in the acquisition, maintenance, and enforcement of conservation and preservation restrictions, easements and other interests in land, water area and structures as is deemed appropriate.

To encourage and assist Town, Commonwealth and Federal governmental agencies in monitoring water quality throughout the watershed.

To assist the Commonwealth in maintaining Whitehall State Park facilities including land, trails and the boat ramp area


● Co-sponsored an educational program on loons that are now found at Whitehall – 2022
● Co-sponsored a live owl educational program on the unique features of these birds and the conservation challenges they face – 2019
● Sponsored an educational presentation by a leading entomologist on the dangers of ticks and how to avoid them – 2019
● Conducted several on-site educational programs focusing on Whitehall wildlife – 2017
● Sponsored spring and fall lake and trail cleanups – 2008 thru 2022
● Working with DCR and other agencies, facilitated the repaving of the Wood St. boat launch parking lot – 2017
● Provided funding and labor to assist DCR in building TEN additional / replacement bridges over wet areas on Whitehall State Park trails 2009 – 2022
● Sponsored two History of Woodville and Lake Whitehall presentations as part of the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary celebration – 2015
● FOW received the Shared Stewardship Award from DCR for “extraordinary contribution to furthering the stewardship of the state parks system” – 2015
● Stewardship of trails at Whitehall State Park and Whitehall Conservation Land – 2008 thru 2022
● Conducted water sampling and testing at Lake Whitehall – 2010 thru 2022
● Maintained the entrance to the Whitehall Conservation Area – 2009 thru 2022
● Hosted an on-site workshop conducted by DCR on weeds / invasive species and their impact on Whitehall State Park – 2014
● Provided Friends of Whitehall information through its website and Facebook – 2009 thru 2023
● Staffed a booth at Polyarts to educate and raise awareness of importance of conservation – 2008 thru 2021
● Purchased and installed an informational kiosk at the Whitehall Conservation Area entrance – 2011
● With Hopkinton Area Land Trust sponsored and assisted an Eagle Scout project to build a wooden fence along the Whitehall Conservation Area on Piazza Lane – 2010
● Provided funding for a required land survey of the Whitehall Conservation Area and assisted surveyor with volunteers – 2008 thru 2009
● Installation of welcome sign at the Whitehall Conservation Area entrance – 2010
● Provided funds matched by Community Preservation Act fund to purchase and install the steel gate at the Whitehall Conservation Area entrance – 2009
● Replaced wooden bridge behind the Woodville Fire Station with the Hopkinton Trails Club – 2010
● State legislature approved a Conservation Restriction naming Friends of Whitehall steward of the nearby Highland Park II Conservation Area – 2009
● Investigated and continue to work with DCR in possible control and mitigation of invasive weeds in Lake Whitehall – 2012 thru 2022
● Sponsored Eagle Scout project for clearing of two short trails and placement of additional trail signage – 2009
● Purchased and installed regulatory signs at the Whitehall Conservation Area entrance – 2009
● Supported or sponsored Eagle Scout projects that improved trail signage and maps and refurbished the boardwalk near Anderson Cove 2013
● Along with DCR, constructed a new culvert near Donna Pass to curtail trail erosion 2013